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On the Bus Conduct

We want the bus ride to and from school to be a fun and safe experience. Therefore, we want to discourage behaviour that distracts the driver and breaks down community. Nobody likes to list the rules but it’s probably good that we put some of these in black and white. Please…

•  Don’t stand or walk around while the bus is in motion. If the bus has to stop quickly, you won’t.

•  Don’t stick your hands or heads out of the windows. You might need them later.

•  Don’t throw anything out of the bus. We’re trying to save the environment, not ruin it.

•  Don’t litter. The bus driver is paid to drive you to and from school, not pick up after you. That’s what you have parents for (just kidding!).

•  Don’t bully. The bus is a community (keyano) and we need to treat each other with kindness and respect. If you do bully someone, we’ll almost always find out and it’s so serious you’ll get your pass suspended and you’ll have to meet the directors of the Transportation Society to get it back.

Of course, it’s not just bullying that’s serious. Consistently breaking one or all of the above guidelines, or just behaving in a way that’s not God-honouring will also be cause for having your pass suspended.