Fees & Passes

Bus Passes

Every Morning Only
Every Afternoon Only
10-Trip Pass

Make all cheques payable to the Keyano 2 Transportation Society (not PCS).

Send post-dated cheques for the entire year. If something comes up, you can cancel them with notice. (See Refund Policy below)

“10-Trip” passes are available from the bus driver for $25.00 each. While they are flexible, remember that, in the event of unavailability, they do not have priority over Every Day passes. (See Refund Policy below).                 .

You can hop on the bus for a one-time fee of $3.00. If you’re bringing a group of friends home for a party, contact us in advance for availability.


Should a family decide to cancel or change their use of the bus, the following month’s payment would be adjusted only if notice of the change was given two weeks in advance of the first of that month. For example, if a family was quitting the service on March 1, they would be able to cancel ALL payments/receive a full refund (including March), provided they informed Keyano 2 two weeks in advance of March 1. If they informed Keyano 2 of the cancellation on February 25, they would only be able to cancel/receive a refund for April, May and June.


No. of Riders Round Trip AM/PM Only
One Student $85/mo $52/mo
$850/yr $520/yr
Two or More
$168/mo $103/mo
$1680/yr $1030/yr