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Q & A

Emergency Q & A

What happens if Keyano Peninsula doesn’t run?


a) the bus breaks down before the run OR

b) the weather is very bad and it’s too risky for Keyano Peninsula to make its run

…there is a call list set up so that you will find out as soon as possible. All regular riders (morning only, afternoon only and everyday) are automatically on that list. If you are a 10-trip customer, you should contact Caralee (Slofstra) Cox to let her know if you want to be on the list. Please provide her with cell numbers.

What happens if Keyano Peninsula breaks down during the run?

The driver has emergency contact numbers (Wilson’s Transportation) and we will either send out transportation from PCS or get a substitute bus sent out by Wilson’s. If it’s on the way home, we will go through the call list to let you know.

What will happen to my child if the bus arrives at the drop-off point after school and I’m not there?

We hope that you will make a plan with your child in the event that you can’t show up at the right time for some reason. If the driver realizes that you’re not there and that there could be a problem, she will attempt to contact you. She will NOT leave your child at the stop and, if all else fails, she will take your child/ren back to PCS. Of course, it’s not reasonable to assume that the driver will always be aware. That’s why it’s important to have an emergency plan in place.

Can I contact the driver in case of an emergency?

Yes. The driver is equipped with a hands-free cell phone: 250-881-4132. However, only emergency calls should be made. Studies have shown that just talking on the phone will impair one’s ability to concentrate on the task at hand. So, please, emergency calls only.